OSIRIS: Episode Two

Episode Two: “Even I’m Impressed” Starring Brad James, Stephen Caudill Guest Starring Kermit Rolison, Aaron Simmons, Ron Walton Produced By Donnie Leapheart, Rodney Breedlove, Redd Claiborne, LaQuanda Plantt Written & Directed By Donnie Leapheart

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6 Responses to “OSIRIS: Episode Two”
  1. Monica says:

    I am lovin this episode…music is awesome!!

  2. Slojamoz says:

    "Might wanna be more specific!" LOL!!! This seriez iz GREAT!!! It'z just too short!! Oh please, Oh please, make the episodez longer!!! or at least bi-weekly!!! Add a deleted scene segment, anything!!!

  3. Power Gangsta says:

    Cool Episode

  4. Linda Wilson says:

    I think I hooked and I've only seen 2 episodes. Getting better, too short. I really like the story line.

  5. Michelle A Williams says:

    Just found out about this series thru the Jet Magazine. Yep, hooked. The shortness of it is whagt makes it unique. I agree with an earlier post, maybe one extension per 3 would be good. A must see. Telling everyone about it…

  6. mik says:

    The first episode made osiris look week. He was shot by another man and did not get angry at the guy who shot him, even though it was very painful for him to resurrect. This made Osiris look weak in my eyes esp. being a black and the guy that shot him being white. and this series is supposed to portray black empowerment…I'm just starting this series and maybe i;ll change my mind as I watch more..

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