“Osiris” is a new award-winning 10-episode indie scifi/thriller web series featuring gritty crime fiction, espionage and the supernatural. Much of its inspiration comes from classic network shows such as Lost, True Blood and 24. Filmed with very little money, the filmmakers hope to entertain as well as demonstrate that film creativity can still flourish without a Hollywood budget.

The series follows the title character Osiris, a man with an eternally extended warranty on life. He can never die. If he’s shot, he comes back. If he’s stabbed, comes back. Even if he’s blown up, he comes back…in exactly 37 minutes, every time, in excruciating pain. This has been happening for over 300 years.

He’s become a cocky, tough-as-nails, suave womanizer that treats people like dirt because everyone he’s known eventually dies. All except for one person, his great great granddaughter, Paula. She’s one of the few people that know of his unique gift of immortality. She’s also one of the only people that can keep him in check.

As the series begins, Osiris is tasked to track down a missing witness in a federal murder trial, which not only unravels a conspiracy but also unveils clues to the true nature of his eternal life.